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The meeting was opened by Sam.

Dave Howard  is working  for the social inclusion team. He talked about trying to raise the funding to set up his own forum and data base.

We welcomed Louise Lowe, the cooordinator from the police for the hate crimes and social inclusion awareness team. This is a team of 4 including herself, the officer she had with her called Jack, and two others.

Sam then brought up the single  point access saying it was hopeing to start up in April and outlined a few points of what it was about – to help deal quickly and fairly with problems.

Mark Sampson was our speaker from the Personality Disorder (PD) hub. He gave an introduction into the ideas on how PD  affects people and what they are trying to do.



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We’ve had this information – LINks would like your views –

If you wish to express your views on the Centre for Independent Living please write to:

St. Helens LINk, c/o 4th Floor Tontine House, St. Helens CVS, 24 Church Street, St. Helens, WA10 1BD. Or e-mail: sthelenslink@sthelenscvs.org.uk

They have a series of specific questions – do contact them for more details. We will also have copies of the questionnaire at our meetings.

Establishing a Centre for Independent Living in the Borough of St Helens.

The aim of a Centre for Independent Living (CIL) is to help people with disabilities or long-term health conditions, with gaining control over their lives and achieving independence and full participation in society. As well as people with physical or sensory disabilities this should consider people with learning difficulties, mental health service users, older people and carers.

St Helens Council has identified Windle Pilkington House as the location of a Centre for Independent Living. Proposals about changes to the building are currently being considered. These are likely to be subject to change due to what can be practically done to the building within the money available.


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There will be a speaker from the new Personality Disorder service provided by 5 Boroughs.

This new service will be delivering training to all staff within 5 Boroughs so that they are all aware of Personality Disorders and ways to support people. They are looking for service users and carers to be trained to deliver the training.

Our meetings open at 1pm and last through until about 3pm. They are held at the United Reformed Church in King St, St Helens and are open to all.

For more details do contact Peter Cowley, the Forum Development Worker.

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Peter, the forum development worker, took the notes for our meeting.

Sam welcomed everyone especially those at their first meeting. Then we went round introducing ourselves to each other. The workers at the meeting included:

Jackie Carpenter from Together who provide support workers and family support workers.

Trevor Snelson was an business advisor from Chamber of Commerce replacing Neil McNulty. He helped people set up new businesses and helped them access start up grants and provided Business Advisors for up to 2 years support.

Barry Marshall is a Project Officer with Helena Housing and specialised in Community Involvement Well Being and tenancy support. Using Community Resilience and evaluating what has been done. Setting up Staff Focus groups in Helena Housing.

David Harrison – Howard is the Supporting People Service User Forum Development Worker. Involving Supporting People’s Service Users in a Forum to have a say in the service provided. He is attending all other forums and service user groups. Quality Assurance Framework.
Everyone approved of the minutes of the last meeting.
Matters Arising:
Single Point of Access was explained and people asked about how it would work and if you had to be referred by a GP or people could self refer. It was for people in need to get help from a single phone call and be refered to services as they where provided.

Collective Voice conference coming up on April 21st at Kendal. Anyone is able to apply to attend ask Karen for details.

Suggestions for future Forums :
A Pharmacist to talk and answer questions about medications being diagnosed and taken by service users.
Duel Diagnosis someone to talk about this from Duel Diagnosis group.
Dave Harrison – Howard to give a brief on the groups he frequents.

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Our January meeting started with our speaker, Fiona Bremner from the single point of access. We then had our AGM.

Single Point of Access
Fiona Bremner described the new single point of access which started on January 1st 2010 and will be fully operational in April 2010.

The service will be for all people aged over 16 who are seeking help for a mental health issue.  The service is for people who are not currently within services. It is for people who are new referrals, or a re-referral (someone who has been under 5 Boroughs, but then discharged back to their GP and now needs more support). They aim to provide the earliest and most appropriate support for the whole range of issues.

They are setting up one team across Halton and St Helens which will be based at the Bridges Centre in Widnes. But this will just be an office base. Staff will see people in other venues that are more convenient and local, such as their GP. There will be a mix of primary and secondary care staff as well as people from the voluntary sector.

There will be a service user coordinator, who will constantly review the experience of people using the service.

They have specific deadlines such as a first response within 72 hour. The service is open on a Saturday.

In April there will be a fully comprehensive service including a free phone number and self referral. They will also produce a printed newsletter so that people are aware of what they are offering.

They are currently mapping out suitable locations. And they are looking for a name.

Fiona will return to the Forum to describe progress after the launch in April.

We voted for our management committee including Chair and other officers. Representatives will be elected at the management committee.

Everyone accepted the Chair’s report and the Treasurer’s report.

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1st March every year is for Self Injury Awareness.

In St Helens, the No Secrets self help group meets up every wednesday evening at the Millennium Centre’s drop in.

Do contact them for more information. They’re a very positive group who’ve been going for a few years now. They do some great work around awareness raising with people who self harm as well as professionals who support them.

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