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Oasis funding

St Helens Council have agreed to pay the rent for 2011/12 and the Group’s management committee are meeting regularly to make sure the recent uncertainty doesn’t happen again.

We thank St Helens Council for their support.


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Lynn Marsden – the new national mental health strategy

Lynn described the Partnership Board. This was formerly known as the LIT or Local Implementation Team. There are now different Boards for different conditions. They are a place where everyone including the Primary Care Trust (PCT), Local authority (St Helens Council), the big providers (such as 5 Boroughs) and service users and carers can discuss local service provision. This needs to consider national changes and guidelines.


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Feedback from groups:

  • Peter fed back that groups are struggling with numbers and funding.
  • General feeling from Forum members that people are anxious about their personal situation (housing, benefits, support). Also that a local project has required weekly attendance which has affected existing groups.
  • Phoenix Art group is now for older people (not mental health) and meets in Haydock
  • Some groups, including the Peer Support Network and women’s group, are going very well with increased numbers and referrals from the Social Inclusion Team
  • Feeling that the more successful groups offer a structure and activities, and are helped by pro-active volunteers


Direct Payments

  • Several members reporting long delays after applying for direct payments (currently still waiting for a decision after 2 months).
  • Also describing a lot of bureaucracy and multiple forms to fill
  • Request for someone from Direct Payments to attend the Forum meeting in May
  • Also queries for more information about Personal Health Budgets


New projects

  • Insight group – David/Tony are developing a poster for the new group
  • Walks – David will organize walks to take place on the 1st Tuesday of each month – meet 1pm at the URC – open to all – a short stroll around town / to local parks – to help build confidence and encourage people to get out.
  • Holidays – some members asked about organized holidays. It was felt that this is too ambitious for most members at the moment and people want something accessible (geography and timing).


Walk and talk

We organized this walk to support the new time to change campaign “time to talk”, which encourages people to talk about mental health problems. See http://www.time-to-change.org.uk



Karen (carers) and Sam (forum) are unable to attend the meeting.

4 members (Denise, Kim, Jaqui and Barry) have agreed to attend tomorrow’s LIT as observers and representatives for the Forum and the Carers group.

The issues they will take to the Forum / Carers feedback slot are:

  • Direct Payments – concern over length of time to get a decision
  • Oasis group – worry about the funding ending on March 28th
  • IAPT – a question about what is happening with this now and whether it is accessible from secondary care
  • Carers services – why was the service provided by together not funded, and how will individuals and groups be supported.

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