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Attended by

  • Lesley Thomas (Together)
  • Jo (Together)
  • Phil Cooper dual diagnosis
  • Ian Mountain (Acute Care)

 + 4 members

We had received a lot of apologies, both in advance of the meeting and at very short notice on the day. Thank you to Dave Hubbard for stepping in to chair and take notes.

Ian Mountain, 5 Boroughs, talked about his role and about the proposed changes to adult mental health services in St Helens. Phil Cooper, dual diagnosis worker 5 Boroughs, was here with Ian.

Members’ concerns were:

  • about CMHT (community mental health teams) and where they will be based – what’s moving and where base will be?

  • Clients in Newton worried they will have to travel.

  • If three CMHT teams become one, will they lose current workers?

  • Are they admitting they are wrong by doing an acute care pathway reshuffle?

  • Very concerned that things under one roof at Vista Road doesn’t exist now, and they are already scattered for different treatments. 

Open Mind is for basic mental health issues. There are different levels depending on where you are and what service you need.

Ian says that in future, information will only be taken once, so that there will be central information which is shared. People won’t have to tell their story several times.

The GPs have been consulted and information shared with them. Less offices and more shared desks will save money and resources so that it can be used in better ways to support people.

Members asked if they will be purchasing more and different people skills? Who will be based at Peasley Cross? These details of the model will be developed at a later stage. At the moment they are just showing people the broader, overall picture.

Members had serious concerns about transport. If everything gets based at Peasley Cross, how will people get there? It is more than one bus journey for most people. They said there will be satellite clinics out in the community. People won’t always have to go to Peasley Cross.

We thanked Phil and Ian for explaining the model, and will welcome them back to the Forum as the work develops.

Consultations – mental health services

  • 5 Borough’s consultation – see above – Ian spoke at our meeting

  • PCT’s consultation & Crisis services Scrutiny report – no further information


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