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Ian Mountain Modern Matron, 5 Boroughs

Chaired by Dave Hubbard

Minutes by Sam Omar

Ian came to informally update the Forum to what stage the 5 Boroughs trust was up to in their care pathway exercise.

He stated that due to circumstances it had been delayed. For example they are still interviewing for a band 7. He went to on to outline what happened in the past and how they were going to change it. “We are moving to different ways of working”. It is proposed that there will be multi-disciplinary teams that will deal with all secondary services.

He explained that there will be fewer teams: Home Treatment and Crisis will be separated. Community Mental Health Teams will become Recovery teams. These local implementation teams will be using the recovery star. There will be a Psychiatric liaison service at Whiston A+E, enhanced day therapies, hot desking, home treatment, and 24 hour service. When the teams are in place service users and carers will be invited on to the teams. A 5 Boroughs trust news letter is envisaged.

He said a formal bulletin from Sam Oliver (5 Boroughs) will follow to explain the changes.

Questions from our group included:

  • What happened to WRAP plans? (wellness recovery action plans)

  • There was some confusion about the assessment service: Open Mind will continue as a GP service, and 5boroughs trust will deal only with secondary Care.

  • Dual diagnosis: staff will be trained in this discipline.

  • Is Vista Road closing”: Ian gave a categorical “NO it is not!”

  • Why should we present to Whiston when we have our own psychiatric facility at Peasley Cross?

We thanked Ian for attending the meeting and look forward to hearing further updates in the months ahead.


Our other discussions included:

  • Dave H suggested a Forum Questionnaire and volunteered.

  • An update on the Employment situation and how it will support people with MH.

  • Pets, Hospital dogs?

  • Stan Conway reported that on ambulances Escorts only if the person can’t speak for themselves.

Roman at the Forum

Many of our members will have met Roman Babij who has been very actively involved in the Forum, the PCT and 5 Boroughs. Roman was the Chair of the Forum for many years, until he withdrew to become more active with St Helens LINk. He has now decided to move on because of family reasons. We thank Roman for all his work for service users across the Borough and wish him all the best with his future plans.

Can you help?

Your Forum is a group of volunteers who all have experience of mental health problems. If you want to get involved, please do come along to any of our meetings. We meet the third tuesday of each month from 1-3pm at the United Reformed Church.


Several people have requested that we review our mailout and consider producing a newsletter style bulletin again. If you have any stories, poems or articles you would like us to include, or if you want to get involved, please do get in touch.

5 Boroughs Involvement Event

The Trust was first formed ten years ago, so do look out for events that celebrate this anniversary. The Annual Involvement event will take place on 25th April. Contact the Trust for more information.

Postage prices

You may have heard about the increase in the price of stamps – with second class rising to 50p and first class stamps rising to 60p – a huge rise of 14p for each stamp. Postage is one of the big costs for our group as we send this mailout every month, and we would ask everyone to consider using email or looking at our website so that we can make the best use of our funds.


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