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Heath Park Lodge:

The meeting was alarmed to hear that Heath Park Lodge would be closing. The Hearing Voices group had been told they cannot meet there any longer and the organisations who are based there have been told they need to find alternative accommodation from next year (April 2013).

We have heard no public consultation about this change. We have asked the Council for more information. 

Stewart Assessment Centre:

This building is changing and will become the base for all the teams as well as an Outpatient area for depot clinics and other appointments. We have been invited to the meetings at an early stage. We looked at the current plans for the building. Comments included:

  • What will happen to Vista Road and Lord St?

  • What will happen to the building at the front of the Peasley Cross site?

  • There was a lot of enthusiasm for the cafe area to include an outside area, and it being service user run.

  • We hope that they will learn from Knowsley House – people do not like the reception area there because of the atmosphere. They described that they want all areas to be welcoming and warm, with a choice of magazines; as opposed to NHS, with blue logos and posters stuck everywhere.

  • We want the rooms to be multi-purpose and flexible, with as many rooms as possible available for potential service user use.

We do want to be involved in decisions over colour schemes and names. We are pleased to have been consulted and shown the plans.

Benefits news: One person mentioned the long backlog of appeals locally. This is a national problem. It leaves people feeling like they are waiting and can’t move on either way.

Volunteers: Some people have volunteered to help out with our Recovery event – if you’d like to help out too, please get in touch.


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