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St Helens – Health & Wellbeing Strategy – consultation available online at


More information at http://www.sthelens.gov.uk/health


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The Lesbian and Gay Foundation (LGF) have launched a new survey to build an accurate picture of current healthcare provision by GPs for LGB people which will then form part of a strategy to make sure that GPs are better equipped to acknowledge the needs of their LGB patients.

 The responses will be used to sustain and improve GP services for LGB people across the country. 
It is vitally important that LGB people stand up for their needs and experiences, and have them acknowledged by all healthcare professionals, including GPs. 

The survey, which closes 15th June, is available online at http://www.lgf.org.uk/gpexperiences

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Inquiry into the schizophrenia label

The website for the inquiry is now live – http://schizophreniainquiry.org/

The Inquiry Panel would like to hear about your experience and thoughts about ‘schizophrenia’ or similar labels such as ‘psychosis’. They are interested in hearing from a wide range of people. There is a survey form on their website and a testimony form – please do get involved.

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St Helens Council – Overview and Scrutiny (OSC) report on crisis services.

The final report is available on the Council’s website (search for ‘scrutiny crisis’). It is a long document (38 pages) with 11 recommendations. Forum and Carers group members were interviewed by the OSC in November. We were disappointed that they had not informed us that the final report had been published and that they did not think to send us a hard copy. We had downloaded it ourselves from the website. Our representatives were given a copy at the Mental Health Partnership Board.

Members thought the report –

  • didn’t answer our questions
  • was unhelpful
  • was not concrete
  • needs an action plan
  • is unclear who it is written for
  • recommendation 7 suggest people who use services should ‘be granted full access’ to their Care Plan document. We believe people should be involved in developing the Care Plan, agree to its contents and be given a copy.
  • There are no recommendations which involve people who use services. There is no co-production. The recommendations are all about what services should be doing.

Members also described recent incidents where they have felt let down by the Crisis team. One person described a case where they went to A&E in the evening, gave up waiting for psychiatric support so had to go home again in the early hours of the morning without further support.

We would like to see a copy of any action plans developed by the various agencies involved. And would welcome opportunities to be involved in developing and monitoring the action plans.

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As well as all the national consultations on the NHS white paper, carers services and benefits (see the ROLE website), St Helens LINk is conducting a survey on local chemist (pharmacy) services across Halton and St Helens. See their website for more details and to download a survey form (to be returned by September 2010).

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We’ve had this information – LINks would like your views –

If you wish to express your views on the Centre for Independent Living please write to:

St. Helens LINk, c/o 4th Floor Tontine House, St. Helens CVS, 24 Church Street, St. Helens, WA10 1BD. Or e-mail: sthelenslink@sthelenscvs.org.uk

They have a series of specific questions – do contact them for more details. We will also have copies of the questionnaire at our meetings.

Establishing a Centre for Independent Living in the Borough of St Helens.

The aim of a Centre for Independent Living (CIL) is to help people with disabilities or long-term health conditions, with gaining control over their lives and achieving independence and full participation in society. As well as people with physical or sensory disabilities this should consider people with learning difficulties, mental health service users, older people and carers.

St Helens Council has identified Windle Pilkington House as the location of a Centre for Independent Living. Proposals about changes to the building are currently being considered. These are likely to be subject to change due to what can be practically done to the building within the money available.


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Care Quality Commission: respond by September 7th 2009

They are currently developing their plan for their work on mental health over the next three to five years. They are keen to get a range of views to help them develop their plan.

They would like your views on:

Where does the Care Quality Commission need to focus its efforts in the next three to five years to really make a difference in mental health?
How should we involve people who use services and their families and carers in developing, implementing and monitoring the strategy?

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